How to Buy an Election

I was at an event last week and this subject came up. When those at the event learned of this PAC/ 501 (c) 4 in Fillmore, they were shocked. How could a little town like Fillmore have something like that?

There have already been sent 11 12 13 offensive and misleading mailers and we will probably get more this week. So if they send out 15 mailers at about $4,000 each that’s $60,000. Plus they have conducted two telephone polls and have a paid full-time political consultant.

Who is paying for this? As you may now know, the 501 (c) 4 does not have to disclose its donors so there are special outside interest who want to control Fillmore.

Update: According to the FPPC regulations 501c4’s do have to list their donors – it’s just that Campbell is not doing it.  His failure to comply with state law allows for the donors to remain anonymous until after the election when people may then realize what their vote actually cost. 

Fillmore is definitely going through a power struggle. I think it has been ongoing since before my time, but when I was elected in 2008 it seems as if those who were not in control anymore didn’t take it well. They have spent the last four years and more, aided by the Fillmore Gazette, in an unprecedented offensive of slander, libel and twisting the truth so that the public is confused and misinformed.

Is this what we want for our community? A local government captured and controlled by lies and special interests?

If you want honest, ethical and responsible government, please vote for me, Jamey Brooks and Sandy Pella for City Council. I am also supporting Clay Westling for City Clerk and Grace Donahue for Treasurer.

Thank you,