Junk Mail…

This election year will be a bigger challenge than usual with the new “Super PAC” non-profit created by Roger Campbell to help get his candidates elected. If you read the article in the Ventura Star last week, you know that the funding for this group is secret and he does not have to report the amounts or the donors

In addition, last Saturday voters received a “hit piece” mailer talking about the “push poll” taken a few weeks ago. If you got the poll, you know the questions were designed to cast a negative light on the Council. But the poll questions and Campbell’s flyer are false and misleading

Then today, another hit piece arrived, this time making such outrageous and bizarre statements that it is shocking to see how untruthful and misleading the opposition campaign is going to b

The latest lies:

  • “Blew through $5 million since taking office”:  What does this mean? The city budget this year is $18.6 million. It just doesn’t make sense.
  • “Raised water/sewer rates”. Jamey and I spent two years trying to stop the sewer plant because we knew the devastating impact it would have on the community. They didn’t listen and now they want to blame us? That doesn’t make sense either.
  • “Replaced long term staff with high-priced consultants”. The city has always used consultants for specialized issues. We currently have one consultant, who is filling in for three positions on a fixed monthly rate that is about a fourth of what those positions were paid. In addition the city payroll has gone from $4.2 million in 2008 to $2.5 million today. A 40% cost reduction!
  • “Paid their city manager a record-high salary”: As the record will show, Jamey and I both voted “NO” on accepting the city manager salary package. We both expressed that our vote was not a reflection of not supporting the city manager or her qualifications, but we disagreed with the salary package that was negotiated. In addition, the city manager was the first and only employee to voluntarily reduce her salary and benefits when she recognized the economic challenges facing the city.

So, be prepared for more of the expensive, secretly funded hit mailers to arrive in your mailbox. We are always available to answers questions to put the record straight. Gayle: 524-7313 or Jamey: 796-3671.

The candidate debate will be at city hall this Wednesday at 6:30 pm. I hope you can make it. It is your opportunity to ask questions. It is important to know the positions of the candidates. Please share this information with your friends and family.